Carl J. Roberts Bio

Me333I’ve been writing seriously since 2009. I emphasize seriously because my style is humor. I enjoy writing humor because it’s better than what most people do with their lives – and that is write drama.

I’ve been working since I was 12, and find that my favorite job was my first. Autonomy, and rewards reflecting my efforts, are most important to me when working.

I share a birthday with Mother Theresa,¬†Women’s Equality Day (which celebrates the passage of women’s right to vote in the U.S.), and am the DJ for an all-women’s roller derby league. I’ve been surrounded by women all my life. I was even raised by a single mother.

I’m the DJ and web developer for the largest banked track roller derby league, of which my sister is one of four founding members. We have the best production in the country, and the coolest league of all-women skaters. #MFT (mother fucking teamwork).

Random Stats

  • Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Information Systems, 2007, Coleman University.
  • Working since the age of 12, and never been fired from a job.
  • Knows how to correctly use an Oxford Comma.
  • Born August 26th, 1985, at 2:14 am, in La Mesa, CA, a suburb of San Diego, CA.

Photo by Heyooooo! Photos.