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I Know Nothing About Marketing

I know nothing about marketing. I’ve read books, watched videos, attended webinars, and employed the strategies of advertising, creating information products, and positioning myself as an expert in my field. Yet, I have not achieved the success — not even a slither of it — because I know nothing about marketing.

I’ll be burned for saying Seth Godin is in the class of vague marketers. I’ve read his books, his blog, and though both are well written, they lack actual strategies that produce actual results.

The results we’re after are money and attention, or put another way, having what we want and being able to share it with others.

If you want to learn how to program software, you’d read a book with explicit instructions on how to write and execute code. You wouldn’t read a book that constantly told you, “Great code produces X-Y-Z” or “Effective programming engages users.”

No, you’d throw that book in the trash, and regret buying it. You wouldn’t even return it for a refund, because you’d feel guilty about someone else having to put up with it.

Following the knowledge and advice of these marketing geniuses left me in a position of not knowing anything about marketing. They lacked real, effective strategies, that produced real results.

They say write engaging content to drive traffic. I’ve done that, yet the traffic doesn’t show up. Then they say you’ve got to build traffic by getting your name out there – commenting on other people’s blog posts, etc. I’ve tried that, and still, the results weren’t there. Then they say advertise, and they will come. Yet again, that doesn’t work.

I know nothing about marketing, because the vast majority of the knowledge out there is so vague. It’s an illusion that leads people around; David Copperfield would be jealous.

Maybe I know enough about marketing, and nothing about attraction? Maybe there’s something else I don’t know. And that’s why I ask: What don’t I know?

I’m looking for real, effective strategies, that actually produce results. There has to be something out there that works faster than spending five-ten years publishing blog posts on the hope that people will read it. There has to be something out there that really, truly, gets eyes on the product or service you have to offer, on a massive scale, with less time, without spending tons of money on advertising.

…or maybe that’s all it is. Maybe you just need enough people to see and hear your message, that enough of them are curious.

But there has to be a more effective and efficient way of building that attention. It can’t be that everyone waits around five years of hoping things will work out. No business owner would ever allow such nonsense in their marketing department. I’ve never seen a business last long enough that five years of being in business without a single sale; they wouldn’t last for more than a month!

I’m tired of pursuing vagueness. I’m tired of pursuing a dream. I want to achieve reality. Money exists in reality. Houses exist in reality. Our dreams exist in our head, and we can achieve our dreams even in our sleep! That’s easy!

We can’t achieve reality in our sleep. We can’t achieve reality by listening to vague instructions, a never-ending path of road signs that lead us back to where we started.

I still know nothing about marketing.